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Visipro memberikan garansi seumur hidup untuk produk tertentu. Dengan syarat produk tidak mengalami kerusakan fisikal, Visipro menawarkan:

  • Penukaran dengan produk yang sama

  • Trade-Ins

  • Service

Garansi Visipro tidak mencakup kerusakan yang disebabkan selama pemasangan atau yang disebabkan oleh kesalahan pengguna, perusakan dan penyalahgunaan, kecacatan, patah, terbakar.

Visipro offers lifetime warranty for all products. Given the products did not experience physical damages, Visipro offers:

  • Replacement with same item

  • Trade-ins

  • Service

Visipro warranty does not cover damages caused during installation or caused by accidents, vandalisms and abuse, disablility, fractures, burns.

Service Center

Service Center

Discontinued Products

Discontinued Product Notification

The product of Visipro below are discontinued products. The production has been discontinued by the relevant vendor. Here is the rule to claim the warranty product including discontinued product:

  • Claim of Visipro products below only for trade – in product with other available product. You can see the Pricelist (RMA) on the last column. All item below are discontinued product, replacement or service not available.

Capacity (MB)
  • The Claim below are using the replacement mechanism or trade – in with the other product of Visipro.

Capacity (MB)
  • User should claim on the nearest dealer or place where they buy the Visipro product. For more information contact

  • All claim should be compatible with the point of warranty product. Verifications will be done by the dealer/Visipro customer support. Visipro reserves the right to reject any claim that does not comply with the terms & conditions of product warranty.

  • The Price (RMA) is unconditional and cannot be bargained.

  • The Pricelist (RMA) of the warranty can change without prior notice.

  • Replacement items depend on stock availability. If the product is not available at time of claim, you will be offered the trade-in option. If the user/dealer disagrees with the trade-in option, the damaged product will be accepted as an item in need of repair. Additional time and charges may apply.

  • Discontinued products or EOL will be replaced by the latest technology.

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