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Major Brand IC

Major Brand IC chip is the highest quality, internationally recognized RAA. Visipro ensures that all RAM modules are always embedded with Major Brand IC.


Lifetime Warranty

Pioneered in Indonesia, all variants of Visipro RAM have lifetime warranty *)


6-Layers PCB

PCB Layers are printed circuit boards on RAMs that use 6 layers, made to reduce power interference. “8 layers” is currently the highest standard in the world, and Visipro is proud to feature it on all SODIMM variants, and 6 layers in all DIMM variants.


High Stability & Reliability

System stability is most important for applications to run properly. That is why Visipro ensures all products are stable and will run to its optimum capacity on various computer platforms. Available in most computer suppliers across Indonesia, you can always find a Visipro product at a store near you.


300% Tested

Visipro guarantees that all products have gone through the testing phase three times! These consist of component test (IC, PCB & SMT), RAM module test, and reliability & compability test.


High Compatibility & Reliability

All Visipro products had undergone testings on different platforms to ensure maximum compatibility and reliability.

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