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Professional Requirements

  • We are looking for an experienced Process Engineer to be
    responsible for the process design, operation and implementation. The
    successful candidate will be able to improve industrial processes in
    order to maintain efficiency, reduce cost, improve sustainability


  • Develop, configure and optimize industrial processes from inception
    through to start up and certification

  • Assess processes, take measurements and interpret data

  • Design, run, test and upgrade systems and processes

  • Develop best practices, routines and innovative solutions to improve
    producion rates and guality of output

  • Perform simulations

  • Manage const and time constraints

  • Perform process simulations

  • Manage cost and time constraints

  • Perform risk assessments

  • Provide process documentation and operating instructions

Requirements and Skills

  • Proven work experience in process engineering

  • Excellent technical skills

  • Knowledge of process related standards

  • Experience in process simulations

  • Working knowledge of process engineering software packages CAD or AutoCad skills

  • Experienced with health and safety regulations

  • Analytical thinker with interpersonal skills 

  • Bachelor degree in Engineering

Cara Apply

Send your complete CV to :

E-mail    :

Subject  : (Name - Position)

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