PCB Layers are printed circuit boards on RAMs that use 6 layers, made to reduce power interference. “8 layers” is currently the highest standard in the world, and Visipro is proud to feature it on all SODIMM variants, and 6 layers in all DIMM variants.


Major Brand IC chip is the highest quality, internationally recognized RAA. Visipro ensures that all RAM modules are always embedded with Major Brand IC.


Visipro guarantees that all products have gone through the testing phase three times! These consist of component test (IC, PCB & SMT), RAM module test, and reliability & compability test.


Pioneered in Indonesia, all variants of Visipro RAM have lifetime warranty *)


All Visipro products had undergone testings on different platforms to ensure maximum compatibility and reliability.


System stability is most important for applications to run properly. That is why Visipro ensures all products are stable and will run to its optimum capacity on various computer platforms. Available in most computer suppliers across Indonesia, you can always find a Visipro product at a store near you.


Memory (RAM) performs a vital function in computer architecture. All important data needed by the processor are stored within the RAMs, which enable quick and efficient data processing. Transfer speed matches the processor speed in general.

Basically a RAM is determined by the quality of the IC (Integrated Circuit). As all digital data are stored in the chip, manufacturing the IC itself is a complex manufacturing process. Processed silicons are used to produce electricity conducting materials. The better the quality of the materials, the better  the ICs are in storing data bits.

As in all manufacturing protocols, a certain level of quality needs to be followed for all IC production. Silicons go through a high-tech process of formation into ICs, including the selection of materials, wafer, cutting, inspection, testing and much more. The all important final stage of the production process is to determine the qualities of the product: best, medium and low.

Some manufacturers use a range of different quality silicon materials in its manufacturing process. In wafering, mostly low to medium quality silicons are used and very rarely those of high quality. This results in the integrity of stored data in the IC, determined in the final production stage.

The selection of high-quality IC certainly affects the performance of memory in a computer system. The better the quality of the IC, the faster the data transfer. On the other hand, data storage problems could emerged from low quality IC, resulting in the processor not getting required data, hence disrupting the computer system as a whole. This is why computers tend to crash or freeze.

These are the different qualities of IC:

Major Brand is the main generic quality of a RAM IC. Generally produced by the world’s leading IC manufacturers such as Micron, Infineon, Hynix and Samsung. No technical defects are found during the production stage from silicon wafers to ICs. Various rigorous testings are also performed ensuring ICs work perfectly.

First Grade DRAMs are produced by the leading manufacturing companies up to the silicon wafer stage, however the packaging process is carried out by other companies. Due to this transfer process, we are unable to confirm the origin of silicon materials, including the testing processes done.

Second Grade DRAMs are ICs with technical defects, but still usable in certain devices. This defect occurs during the manufacturing process and can not be repaired.

Visipro is designed using Major Brand DRAM to satisfy the needs of its customers.
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